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1. They’re extremely popular.

Tying the knot away from home is a trend that’s currently on the rise. According to Weddingbells most recent reader survey, 14 percent of Canadian couples will host a destination wedding and one in four weddings that occur between November and April will take place outside of Canada. With Transat’s robust flying schedule, the options are endless when it comes to where you can host your destination wedding. Did you know that Transat offers 30 destinations accessible from airports across Canada?

2. They can be more affordable than weddings at home.

Why is celebrating abroad so popular? In addition to the obvious allure of hosting a beach party in February, destination weddings can also be much more cost effective. The average cost of a wedding in Canada is over $30,000 while you could spend as little as $5000 to hosting a wedding in paradise. Choose one of Transat’s six holiday collections perfectly suited to your specific budget.

3. You don’t have to opt for a pre-packaged wedding.

Gone are the days of tacky predetermined wedding packages with lackluster flowers and cakes. Resorts across the U.S Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America have gotten wise to the fact that every couple will have their own unique wedding vision and these days customization is king. Sharing your Pinterest boards with on-site wedding planners at your chosen resort is totally acceptable, and is often encouraged. Transat has handpicked their top hotels to fit your particular needs, making it that much easier to plan your dream wedding away from home. Rest assured that no matter what you choose, you’re in for a memorable experience.

4. There are ceremony venue options beyond the beach.

Don’t really love the whole barefoot bride idea? No problem. Most resorts offer a range of alternatives to the standard beach ceremony. Consider reciting your vows in an on-site chapel, in a lush garden setting, or a chic gazebo with a view of the ocean. With Transat’s wedding promotions, your dream wedding is closer than you think. Ask your Marlin Travel professional for information on current wedding promotions.

5. You can usually score a deal on your honeymoon as a result.

One of the biggest perks of hosting a destination wedding is that you can transition immediately into honeymoon mode on your first day as a married couple with zero airport stress involved! On top of that, many hotels offer discounted rates and other honeymoon incentives to newlyweds that have hosted large wedding groups. Marlin Travel also offers a Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Gift Registry so, instead of wrapping up towels or toasters, your family and friends can directly contribute to your time in paradise.

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