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Discover one of the most coveted destinations on Earth

Discover one of the most coveted destinations on Earth

Our Italy cruises visit the country’s most beautiful destinations. Dive into the azure ocean off the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Cruise down the romantic canals of Venice. Explore famous ruins and works of art in Rome. Witness the spectacular vistas of the Mediterranean Ocean in the Amalfi Coast. There’s no shortage of beauty and wonder awaiting you on a luxury Italy cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

10 NIGHTS - Italy and France

ONBOARD CELEBRITY EDGE - Sail date: October 14, 2022

History lovers, cultural connoisseurs, and foodies will experience a feast for the senses in Rome, Italy’s fascinating capital.

10 NIGHTS - Italy, Croatia & Montenegro

ONBOARD CELEBRITY BEYOND - Sail date: September 18, 2023

Naples is home to a vibrant historic center and famous culinary scene, but it is also the gateway to some of the most alluring places in the world.

9 NIGHTS - Italian Riviera & France

ONBOARD CELEBRITY BEYOND - Sail date: August 18, 2022

Explore the gorgeous southern coast of France. When your ship pulls into the port of Villefranche, you’ll be right in the middle of this beloved part of the European coastline known as the French Riviera.

11 NIGHTS - Italy, Turkey & Greek Islands

ONBOARD CELEBRITY BEYOND - Sail date: September 28, 2023

Where bright white buildings pop against seriously blue waters and bougainvillea blooms unrestricted, Mykonos cruises revel in incredible nightlife, alluring white sand beaches, and a stay-up-all-night spirit.

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If all of this has made you curious about Sicily and if you would like to learn more, you can find Six Reasons to Visit Sicily, but there’s many more!

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